iAudioTours is the creation of brothers Dan and Benj Blunt, who pooled their combined expertise in tourism, tour guiding, environmental consulting, audio tour-guiding systems, and radio and television media to produce their smart, new travel app.

“Having been on many self-drive holidays ourselves, we always found it handy when you had someone with local knowledge travelling with you. They could tell you so much more than the generic tourism brochures, and you really appreciated where you were, having learnt that little bit extra about the place, even if you were just passing through” says Benj.

Audio commentaries within the tours bring to life stories on history, local stories, flora, fauna, nature and ecology. Benj continues, “We want our audio tours to not only inform, but also to educate and entertain”

“We’ve designed the app with simplicity in mind, so that even those not so tech-minded should still find it very easy to operate. In addition to the auto-activated commentaries, we’ve also included zoomable maps, so that at any time users can check their current position and plan their ongoing journey”.

“Another handy feature is that once the tour is downloaded, it is embedded within your device, so the maps and commentaries will still operate in areas with limited or no mobile coverage”

There are always new self-drive and walking tours in the pipeline covering many parts of Australia which will be released as they are completed. Once you have iAudioTours downloaded onto your device, any new tours will appear as the App updates.

From us here at iAudiotours, we say thank you for downloading the iAudiotours app.
We hope you enjoy the tours.